As I stare at your First Day of School pictures –
I take a moment to slow down,
To soak in all your growth and your crowns.

I am amazed at how much your mind grew this year and your body too. Amazed how days remained long but year flew.

Games that used to amuse you, now seem boring and bland.
Song of little fingers and toes seem a blast from the past.

My belly as a place for you to nap, is not big enough anymore,
though when asked to share it with your brother, you meet the request with a roar. 

I know I say to slow down, every once in a while.
But I never wish for you to stop here, my child.

Go ahead, grow further, reach new horizons.
Meet new people and create your own experiences.
Think big, think small, forget about the box.
Opportunities knock as you grow, be open to them all.

Just remember as you go along –

I will be at one arm’s length behind you.
Like your shadow, assisting in everything you do.
I will jump in and catch, should you fall.
And back off, when you would want space to explore.
I promise to kiss those bruises and comfort those squalls.
And be your biggest cheerleader through it all. 

For, I know my love, your future is bright.
So grow those wings and take on your flight.