Photo by Vijay Putra from Pexels


Like so many other cities

Your name also went down in history

For stopping hearts and ending lives

It’s not guns, don’t be melodramatic

It’s mental health and video games

Hmm, maybe you are right

If so, I apologize

So should we tackle the problem of mental health?

Wo wo wo, healthcare is so very costly

Who will pay for it?

Debt is in trillions! Do you even fathom that, you minion?

Hmm, so what about video games?

We can surely make that a difference.

Wo wo wo, who are you? a socialist?

Profits dictate our country, which’s capitalist.”

Hmm, then what we do is nothing and let people be killed?!

Now we are talking, you see, everything is already fixed.

In response to Christine’s Writing Prompt on ORLANDO