Photo by Nashua Volquez from Pexels

At 6, playing hops scotch
Jumping off the wall
Showing her skills to her mom
She proudly calls
Mom, look I know it all
Her mom smiles and replies
give it time, my child

At 13, dealing with boyfriends and heartbreaks
Shrugging off mom’s advise and pace
She impatiently retorts, I don’t need you to talk,
I know it all
Mom calmly replies, give it time, my child

At 18, leaving the nest
with bursting excitement in her chest
She waves good bye and hollers loud
Don’t worry, I will be OK, I know it all
Mom quietly replies, give it time, my child

At 30, a mother herself
Managing it all
From sunrise to sunset
Nurturing young souls with dos and donts
Convinces herself, I got this, I know it all
Mom warmly replies, give it time, my child

At 60, sitting under a tree
admiring her life’s potpourri
Sharing her wisdom with grand kids
Chuckles, when asked this
GG, Do you know it all?

She looks up to the sky
Winks at her mom and replies
I do know one thing,
it brought me this far
hopefully, will take you further, my star
And that is, I know nothing at all.


In life, I know one thing, that I know nothing – SOCRATES


In response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge