Photo by Steph Lord-Wetherington

She isn’t anti-men but a feminist
He likes men but is not an atheist
A mother but not a wife
A wife who refuses to bear a child
She pleads to choose but doesn’t want a license to bruise
He demands to be free but is not intending to be careless or carefree

They disturb your simply woven binary laws
might strike rebellious but are not without a cause
They are misconstrued
for you are confused
You misunderstand
for both nervously and courageously they stand

You question:
They give in but they don’t give up?
Seem mighty independent but need an empathetic checkup?
Indeed! They are both and then some more
Don’t try to bucket them
for they don’t fit your conventional core

They aren’t made of play dough
for you to conform or mold
No, they are not perfect
They have many creases and many folds

Let them be
Let them leap
Let them soar and let them hold
everything they cherish
every dream they fear
every one they love
every belief they adhere.