Picture credit Bruce Mars on Pexel.com

I look into the mirror
and ponder at my reflection
I see new additions, a pound here and a line there
Some well extended stays, and some, frankly I don’t care
for, when I look into the mirror
I also see souvenirs
My body, which’s a reminder
that someone chose me to be their mother
My stretch marks, a cue
that they grew well, before their big debuts
My dark circles around the eyes
convey that they are the epicenters of my life
For when I look into the mirror
I just don’t see my beloved figure
I see a mom, blessed forever.


To all moms who have been subjected to post baby body shame by others or by their own eyes. 💕

Thank you Christine for the writing prompt which inspired this piece.

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Beloved – Toni Morrison