I make a promise to you, my body
I will take care of you forever
will give you what you deserve
water nutrition and fiber

I make a promise to you, my body
I will not treat you second hand
attending to rest of my commitments
and forgetting all your demands

I make a promise to you, my body
I shall not give up
choose when to fight and when to let go
cheer for even half filled cup

In return, promise me, my body
you will speak up when you see an issue
I will put everything at stake for you
like you have for mine.


Since I became a mom, I started paying a lot more attention to my health – mind and body. My biggest motivation – to be around my kids, to see them grow up and flourish. I feel, most of the times we all know what we have to do to take care of ourselves but we forget or choose to ignore. If like me, you too feel you cant afford to do that, then you owe it to your body, the same care and love you shower elsewhere.

Idea for the poem comes from writing challenge, https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/130149259/posts/11799