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My dad is a professor of mathematics. His world is entrenched with the theory that two plus two always makes four PERIOD – NO WIGGLE ROOM.

Really?? Then explain this to me —
Before kids, there were 2 people in my house – my husband and I. After my 2 kids, why does it feel like I am doing laundry and cleaning for 10 people? How did that happen? 2 plus 2 became 10!!!

I digress.

My dad’s point being and well taken, numbers are important facts. OK dad, I will celebrate numbers today. I will celebrate my small and important community of 200 plus friends.

It may not be big by many standards, but for me, its an affirmation.

  1. Affirmation of my decision to put my thoughts into words.
  2. Affirmation to take my thoughts public through this blog.
  3. And lastly, affirmation that my words and thoughts have found readers and friends.

So, here’s a BIG THANK YOU to all of you – Thank you for reading, liking and commenting.