We love being parents, its the biggest blessing of our lives. But let’s be honest – every once in a while we do have those languishing moments where we go – WHAT THE (CHOICE WORDS) DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!

Took a plunge, blindfolded, from 3000 feet with a boulder tied to my legs – all the while, hoping that the parachute in my backpack will eventually open. REALLY???!!!! one more time – WHAT THE BLEEEEP DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!

Drawing parallels between the two worlds, there are three things which I find similar between parenting and blogging.

  1. SHORTAGE OF Time, NOT ENOUGH Time and once again, Time – Between writing on all the ideas exploding in my head to reading all the wonderful posts to finding new bloggers, I feel I am constantly stretching myself thin.

    Parents..sound familiar?

    My solutionDivide and conquer. Don’t bite more than you can chew. Decide the things most important to you and then divide your time accordingly. For me its simple – while writing is important, its also important to communicate and develop a community. Therefore, there are days when I focus on my content and days when only read and interact.

  2. No right or wrong – I am an exceptionally analytical person. My mind functions in order and organized settings, where there’s a right way of doing things and a wrong.

    To my dismay, there’s no such thing as “right” in this gig called parenthood and blogging.

    My solutionPerseverance and continuous evolution is the name of the game. Embrace chaos. Because only then will you find a way to navigate and make sense of that day in and day out. Sticking with it even when you want to give up, is what makes you sail through.

  3. Vulnerability with each publish – I will admit that I want to be read and that’s why I am writing here and not in my diary. So it’s only normal that each time I click that publish button, I wonder if it will be read, liked or ignored.

    It’s like I question my skill set as a writer every single time, just like I do as a parent.

    My solution Cherish small victories. Confidence in anything isn’t a destination but a trek. Celebrating small successes and not waiting around for something too big to affirm one’s faith is the way to do it.

    No matter what your story or reason is, to be a parent or a blogger, it’s a process, a journey, an expedition. It’s not easy – each day will be different and same, each day will bring about new challenges and happiness. The only thing to do is celebrate and go on.

    Remember – The only successful stories are the ones that survived to tell a story!

    So cheers to all of you – parents and bloggers! See you on the other side – WE GOT THIS ❤️

    Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels