In an age of instant gratification
we preach to teach patience
wait your turn, look around
share with a friend, don’t be so wound

In the same vein, we practice
go fetch it all, because, why not
it’s a competitive world, win the first prize
second just won’t suffice

this constant conflict we put them through
is cross pollination & convenient teaching, in my view

Choose a path
Sprint or marathon
if you pick the latter,
then a second or last will more than suffice
for, so much more is building inside
much more than what meets the eye
so much more than what can be quantified.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


My daughter had her soccer tournament this past weekend and her team lost in the semifinals. Granted she’s only 6 but the loss stung her pretty bad. Processing a loss is any ways a hard thing but for a six year old, who’s big time into glittery stuff, it especially hurts when it results in forgoing a shiny tall trophy.  

Nevertheless, we went all out celebrating her medal :). SO MUCH MORE. This was my husband’s conscious decision and I agreed. We felt she gained SO MUCH MORE with this loss and therefore a bigger celebration was warranted. I know it’s a tiny step but I hope to continue on this right path of teaching.