I have morphed so many times

For so many lives

It’s hard to remember who I really was

Sometimes called a stubborn bitch

Sometimes a pushover unworkable fix

For some, I was exploiting my powers

for some, too low in the tower

In some spaces, I was too career driven neglecting  my motherly responsibilities

for some, I was too involved, smothering my babies

I have morphed so many times

for so many questioning eyes

that I have forgotten my original identity

all I know now is that I was always “too much” for worldly sensibilities.

Photo by kelvin carris from Pexels


Inspired by Kristiana’s November Call For Submission . Word was Metamorphosis.

This piece is a testament to the tight rope women in work place walk on. We get labeled far too easily – too emotional, too stubborn, too easy, too aggressive…and the list goes on.