There was a time when tears were shed.
There was a time when condolences were paid.
There was a time when screams were heard.
Alas! All that is replaced with, now, is silence, numbness, and surrender.
We don’t feel helpless about the fatality of the action or hopeful about a possible change anymore.
We don’t debate the pros and cons of second amendment anymore.
We don’t even change our profile pictures on social media anymore.
We are in a state of acceptance.
This acceptance which is an acquittal for the killers who pressed the triggers and for the betrayers, who allowed the triggers.
It’s a “so what” to countless grieving loved ones and a slow death for the force of change in our society.

As a parent, you may shudder with the thought but as we drop our babies in their schools each day, we quietly become part of this state of acquiescence. We slowly bid adieu to memories of those we lost and phlegmatically move on.


85th school shooting took place just yesterday. Yes, school shooting. I take this personal, because I am a mom and I hope you do too. I don’t care which side of the argument/aisle we sit, I do believe that we all are on “saving our kids” side…by whichever means necessary. #LetThereBeTalk #LetThereBeLight #LetThereBeChange