I lose my calm plenty
But will always be quick at apologies

Demand my me-space and time
But will never leave them crying

May run out of their favorite snacks
But will always leave hand written notes in their lunch bags

Forget some dates on the calendar
But will always remember the names of all their dinosaurs

May not be able to attend all the PTA meetings
But will always make time for bedtime reading

Do spend time on my phone and laptop
But Will always love to pretend play in castles and workshops

Run outside the house in a hurry
But will never before a kiss, two or three

I am a mother without a handbook on raising kids
I make mistakes and leave messes
But I Promise, for every imperfection, I will always look for a close-to perfect fix.


This post is a result of a guilt trip owing to not being able to attend an event in my kid’s school. Work commitments superseded this time.

I well realize I am not the first mom who’s felt this way and probably will not be the last either.

So for all my fellow-mamas, juggling a couple of worlds, who find themselves occasionally in such boats, this is for you. ❤️