Only time will tell
if history will cite her ‘MeToo’ story
with empathy or apathy
if her demand for equal pay
will fall on deaf ears or the status quo will fray

Only time will tell
if her need to breathe outside the closet
will be throttled or respected
if her fight against discrimination
will witness cynicism or adulation

Only time will tell
if her actions will cause a revolution to ensue
or the battles will forever continue
if her whispers will cause an uproar
and her footprints find a floor
if her reasons will pride a rhyme
and the silent river will enrage a tide

Only time will unravel the answers
to these questions
but today, let her be a warrior
for if she’s silenced…….
………tomorrow will die in chagrin.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


In response to Kristiana’s Weekly Challenge

And Christine’s Daily Challenge