Was sharing pictures of my kids with my mom
in perfect mommy style,
partly proud, partly misty, I confessed
these kids are growing up way too fast
and I missed bidding farewell to so many lasts:

The last time my son breastfed
The last time, instead of library, ‘libary’ my girl said

The last time my boy gave me wet tongue sloppy kisses
the last time my daughter needed help tying her laces

The last time they crawled
The last time of their learning-to-walk fall

The last time I read Good Night Moon for the 10th time
The last time they promised, ‘once more will be just fine’

The last time I used my diaper bag
The last time I stocked up on those baby wipes

The last time I tiptoed out of their room
The last time I heard, “Mommy, I wuv youuuu”

The lasts were so brisk and fast
Their days of infancy, now memories of the past

If only time could pause
just enough to not make me miss those lasts
if only I could bid farewells longer
if only soaking it all was possible….


Inspired by V.J.’s Writing Challenge and Kristiana’s Writing Prompt

Part two which has my mom’s answer is on this post http://curatingthoughts.blog/2019/12/19/missed-farewell-part-two/