To which my mom replied:

Oh a deja-vu
a conversation even before I have bumped into
maybe when I was thinking of my lasts
counting beads from my past

The last time Dad and I drove you to middle school
and forgot to give you a hug so hollered, “baby, you are my jewel”

The last time I attended a PTA meeting
held your report card and instead of you, focused on those gradings

The last time in high school, you stomped and stormed
and I relentlessly wondered what happened to my baby girl

The last time you shared your boy troubles and we shared until dawn like girlfriends

The last time you left the house……..
calling it yours, as opposed to your mom and dad’s.

There are plenty of lasts, to which I missed bidding farewells too
but guess what my child, I wouldn’t want to have any other way, in lieu.


This is the second part of Missed Farewells. You can read the first part here:

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels