Conventional wisdom appreciates
raising a child is no child’s play
Yet every once in a while
a question, a term, is posed that’s too hostile
Stay home or working mom?
Who has it harder?
Toils more, raises better kids, and has more ardor?

A skirmish, so absurd and offensive
dated ideology, with no place in common parlance
Whether it’s by choice or need of the hour
what one decides to do as a mom doesn’t need raised eyebrows
Both are “working”, outside and inside
are all-the-time moms, mentally, physically and emotionally
May have different struggles and rewards
but both are painstakingly doing their best
Between moments of fierce confidence and consumable self doubts juggling identities and deserve a big shout out

This siege of mom on mom
judgments and insensitivity
is making kids collateral damage by spreading fervid negativity.
Instead, lend a heart, if not a hand
or at the very least, stop with sloppy brands.


In response to V.J.’s weekly challenge #68.

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #68: play