Brown Leaf

Today I saw leaves fall from a tree they hung so long
brown and torn, they surrender,
conforming to societal expectation
they surrender changing their forms
changing silhouettes of the lawn

I pick them up with painstaking care
I pick them up with my hands bare
I pick them up for I cant stand them crumbled

I picked them up for once upon a time they were symbols
symbols of promises and beginnings
symbols of a change ringing

But as I pick the now broken and bruised
they whisper to me, rather amused
your sorrow lies deep within
you confused us for something more akin
you confused us to a state of permanence
but the truth is we were just a moment.


Written for writing prompt

I have always loved fall but that hasn’t been devoid of a deep sense of nostalgia. I feel like I am not alone in this and wanted to explore that thought through this poem. Is there something which lies deep within us?