Aerial Photography of Stadium

We are ‘work in progress’ moms
Construction zones to be precise
With orange cones and flashers
Occasionally motioning ‘slow down’ and ‘danger ahead’ signs
On days when site’s stars align
we match up to images of Instagram moms
Hashtag clean kids and manicured nails
Practicing yoga with serenity and calm

But beholden to truth, let’s be real, delays and detours are usually the deal
unsent text messages and unfinished thoughts, is just how we roll
for we are navigating our high speed drivers, doing 60 in 15mph zone
and mind you, the work never stops, sunrise or frost
Hard helmets and orange vests never come off
because, often when we lose our guardrails
a landslide appears out of nowhere
rendering us to search for heavy equipment, we didn’t even know existed

Now now….don’t be too mistaken
Not all you see are debris and dust forsaken
The loose gravel is a humble reminder
that parenting can sometimes be a grinder
it can be messy, it can be hard
for, coalescing of concrete is abstract science and scientific art

Mind you, the zone is fun, should you follow directions
merge early with the lanes of ‘no judgement’ and do not tailgate a bewitched image of perfection
Allow extra time and patience to enjoy the process
and know sometimes paying ‘double the fine’ is also progress!!


Written for prompt Reena’s Exploration Challenge

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge

Euji’s Weekly Prompt