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If she were a book

her cover page will be in motion 3D.

One like that in Harry Potter

a multidimensional changing movie.

No one capture can picture

her soul that’s a wanderer.

But should you twist her arm to select

one portray to accurately express,

she will choose the page that’s work in progress

With additions and subtractions as few facets

a semblance of all the roads traveled

a hint of much to be dabbled

She is a cosmos of moments ordinary and extraordinary

she counts her blessings and curses simultaneously

a river that’s moving

sometimes in alignment with the shore

and other times waddling fiercely into cyclones

If she were a book

and you judged her by the cover

Know that hers will be a story of a survivor

who epitomizes change,

her only constant.


Written for Eugene’s writing prompt

& Reena’s Exploration Challenge