Side view eccentric bald female in pink top yelling loud in colorful studio
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I am not going to be ashamed of wanting more

choosing unconventional paths for reaching my goals

Adding goals as I grow and evolve

sewing my perfection with perceived flaws

Just because I don’t fit your mold, doesn’t mean I don’t fit

Just because I don’t fall in line, doesn’t mean I can’t fly

I take ownership of my choices and all the outcomes

I am creating an existence with ferocity and purpose

No matter how unclear

my seemingly tangled journey is my greatest gift

No matter how frequent

my badges and blemishes will continue to coexist

It is my story and I alone will sign off when all’s said and done.

It is my life and I alone will live between being born and dead.   


Here’s to carving one’s own path no matter how unconventional it seems. Written for Christine’s December Challenge.