Are we living in a construct of escape?
Where reality is often too hard to take.
So it’s easy to turn to screens to distract minds,
And numb feelings with substances of all kinds.

Hiding behind social media masks,
and chasing after likes to fulfill our tasks.
Bingeing on TV shows and endless streams,
And losing ourselves in virtual dreams.

We shop ’til we drop to forget our woes,
And drown in food to comfort our souls.
We seek constant stimulation to avoid boredom,
And rarely stop to face our own kingdom.

But in this world of constant distraction,
We miss the beauty of true interaction.
We forget the joy of a real-life smile,
And the depth of a genuine human style.

Can we unplug and face the day?
And learn to be present in every way.
Can we embrace the real world around us?
And find meaning in life’s bustle and fuss.

For isn’t life too precious to escape?
And reality, though hard, is a gift to embrace?