I love flying,
casually embarking an airplane,
bidding adieu to the vast land underneath
As the plane takes off
everything seems miniscule and distant
all the gyrations of life
get doused by the whirling of the engines
something once so near
becomes so meaningless
at that moment I realize that everything around is transient
the worries, the pleasures, the sadness, the happiness
no matter the tenacity
all fades away
all passes
all ceases to exist

And what I am left with is perspective
the clouds, once so far, become my friends
the change in topography,
unimaginable on land, becomes the new trend
When I have the power to look from up above, I always inevitably recognize
the surreptitious curvy roads do convene into straight-lined highways
the sprawling deserts do have lush green passageways
the mountains inevitably peak
and the oceans always finds a shore to meet

Alas! Since I am not flying these days
hoisted firm on ground by one who’s name we frequently take
I urge my mind to imagine, my heart and soul to surrender
no matter how hard the night gets,
no matter what the pandemic’s inferno begets,
no matter how much the frigid wind howls,
no matter how much the thunder growls
the suffering and death will end,
the song of life will once again begin

Until then…
I must hold hope close and fear at bay,
I must keep promises intact and despair astray.
I must become my own beacon, my own lighthouse,
I must shine bright in the darkness that permeates around.


COVID is reeking havoc in India. It’s scary and uncontrollable. As my family and friends feel it’s tight grip, feeling helpless but hopeful, I offer my words of faith for relief. I know the end is near even if we can’t see right now. In this hour of desolation, we need to be a reservoir of optimism. Let there be light, let there be life.

Picture credit https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-person-s-left-hand-touching-an-airplane-s-window-1007793/