Red and Orange Fire
photo by Adonyi Gabor

Yet again, we are caught looking through a looking glass
at the eerie silhouettes of false perception 
at the insidious claims of her safety and freedom 

yet again, like the work of clock comes out
the ever-lurking shadows of Adam’s corruption
the surreptitious lust for her existence 

yet again, we enlist as silent witnesses to   
her muffled screams
her mutilated parts
her stripped dignity  
her never to heal scars

and yet again, we stage another girl at the pyre
of a systematically deaf system
of a consciously blind governance
of a conveniently apathetic civilization
of a self-cursed nation!


Written on the recent tragedy with struck the heart of India – yet another girl was gangraped and condemned to die. My heart is bleeding, my soul is distraught and my hands are shivering as I write; how many more pyres will have to be staged before this ends?

Free Verse Revolution