Picture credit – pexels.com

I am a mother of quickly growing up kids
Who just bid adieu to Santa
and my heart couldn’t help but wonder
will they invite him again next year?!

Or will next year be the year..

when the secret gets spoken
and the magic gets frozen
when the quondam tradition comes to an end
and with that, the whirlwind of everything that Mr. Claus represents

When no longer will mom need to wrap in secrecy and tip toe with ardent spirits
when no longer will dad be required to gobble down carrots with cookies

when no longer Christmas Eve’s butterflies flutter in my kids’ tummies
when no longer the first crack of dawn be awaited with unreal merry

When the rigmaroles of nice and naughty be replaced with Amazon lists
when their hearts’ be disillusioned with realism our world insists 

I am a mother of quickly growing up kids
who are skipping and hopping forward
and my heart can’t help but wonder
on whom will this leap be harder?!